Pregnancy Policy

The student is under NO OBLIGATION to inform anyone of her pregnancy status. The Radiography Program at Sovah Health - Danville takes the position that the reporting of  pregnancy to program officials be voluntary on the part of the student. It will be assumed that all students are NOT pregnant until such time that an official declaration has been made in writing to the Program Director. Students who declare their pregnancy must observe the following procedures in regard to class and clinical experiences/attendance.

Classes: Class attendance will continue to follow the standard attendance policy and will be enforced. Therefore, the student MUST REQUEST, if possible, a leave of absence based on the programs’ GENERAL/MEDICAL LEAVE of ABSENCE POLICY (see policy above). Failure to abide by the requirements of this policy will result in the student’s termination from the Radiologic Technology Program.

Clinical: Clinical experience, which involves the student being assigned to radiation areas, is a crucial part of this instructional program. Medical evidence however suggests that a fetus should not be exposed to any unnecessary radiation throughout the nine (9) month gestation period.

Students must understand that they will be exposed to a variety of radiological examinations in order to complete the requirements of this program. Those who choose to notify the director of their pregnancy should do so as soon as possible. The student will then be scheduled to review radiation safety practices and will be provided an additional radiation monitoring device to be worn at waist level (Fetal level) at all times while in the clinical setting. This badge must always be worn under the protective lead aprons.

Upon confirmation of pregnancy the student may select one of the following scenarios:

  • The student may elect to withdraw from the program and be reinstated at that same point in the program twelve (12) months hence, or
  • The student may elect to remain in the program and be placed in a radiation environment that is in accordance with the NRC's regulations at 10 CFR 20.1208, "Dose to an Embryo/Fetus” where total fetal dose will not exceed 0.5 rem (5 mSv). All mandatory clinical experiences must be completed prior to program completion, or
  • The student may elect to remain in the current and future clinical settings/rotations in an unaltered status for the duration of the program.

Regardless of the above option selected, the student will be required to complete all aspects of the program in order to graduate.

The student should also be aware that until a pregnancy is declared, the normal dose rate for an occupationally exposed person of 5.0 rems (50 mSv) per year will apply. The lower dose rate will not take effect until such notification is made in writing to the Program Director.

A copy of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Regulatory Guide 8.13 is available for the students review and a copy will be provided upon request.

*After the student has completed a leave of absence, a medical release from the student’s physician will be REQUIRED for return to clinical activities. This release must be given to the Program Director!

RESCINDING: If she so chooses, the student may elect to “rescind” her declaration of pregnancy at any time. If the student chooses to rescind her declaration, it MUST be in writing and given to the Program Director.

Revised 7/16, 9/17