Rad Tech Textbooks

The most current editions of the following textbooks are required for the Radiologic Technology Program. Textbooks are ordered and distributed by the program in order to assure that all students have the same edition as their fellow students.

Principles of Radiographic Imaging; 5th Edition, 20xx
Carlton & Adler
Cengage Delmar Publishing

Introduction to Radiologic Sciences & Patient Care
Adler & Carlton
Elsevier/ Delmar Cengage

Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography
Statkiewicz-Sherer, Visconti & Ritenour
Elsevier/ Mosby Publishing

Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy
Elsevier/ Mosby Publishing

Comprehensive Radiographic Pathology
Eisenberg & Johnson
Elsevier/ Mosby Publishing

Pocket Guide to Radiography
Frank, Long & Smith
Elsevier/ Mosby Publishing

Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Radiography
The Complete Study Guide and Career Planner William J. Callaway
Elsevier/ Mosby Publishing

The School purchases these texts for our students and has them available at the beginning of class. The School does NOT charge a mark-up on texts and provides them to the student at cost. However if a student decides to purchase his or her own book, the Director, upon written request, will provide the necessary information to you in order to better assure that all students have the same edition of the books!