Sovah Health – Danville Names 2021 Mercy Award Winner 

May 4, 2021


Sovah Health – Danville, which is part of LifePoint Health, recently announced that Majida Zaher has been recognized as the hospital’s 2021 Mercy Award winner. The Mercy Award recognizes one employee from each of LifePoint Health’s hospitals who profoundly touches the lives of others and best represents the spirit and values on which the company was founded.

The Mercy Award is an annual recognition program established in 2002 to honor the life and contributions of Scott Mercy, LifePoint’s founding chairman and chief executive officer. The award is considered the highest honor a LifePoint employee can receive.  

"At Sovah Health, we share LifePoint’s commitment to making communities healthier, and we recognize this is supported by the good work and service of our employees on and off the job,” said Alan Larson, CEO of Sovah Health. “We are extremely proud to recognize Majida for her efforts on behalf of our patients and our community. She goes above and beyond each and every day to ensure that every person she encounters receives the highest level of care and compassion."

Majida is currently the clinical manager for our med-surg and oncology unit and has been with Sovah Health for 19 years. In the words of the nomination, “Majida is a whirlwind of a nurse. Coming to the United States from Jerusalem, she had to adapt to the many changes and handled it with style and grace. From her first days here, she demonstrated a passion for caring for people all around her and a dedication to those she served.  

“While her duties as Clinical Manager of our med-surg and oncology unit keep her hands full, she is often found on the unit starting the hardest IVs, inserting NG tubes, checking central lines, administering chemotherapy, auditing care delivered, or taking a full set of patients all while keeping a positive attitude and encouraging those around her. Since our staff have limited dining options on the weekends, she is known to frequently pop in with some delicious foods for staff along with a note of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. She does not do all of this for recognition, but because she wants our patients to receive the best care possible. She also believes that caring the caregivers helps achieve that goal.

“She often volunteers to sit on committees because she wants to personally impact the outcomes for our patients. She completes all these duties, plus more, without complaining even when her plate is already full. Early into the pandemic, her unit was dedicated as being the COVID-19 unit and Majida was willing and able. She led her team in an ever-changing quest to deliver the best care possible to these patients at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when there was much uncertainty and limited information across the country regarding the virus. She led the charge in doing whatever it took to care for our patients and kept our staff strong and safe. There were many times that she would work extra shifts or change from day shift to night shift to ensure her team had adequate support and our patients had the caregivers needed to receive high quality care. Majida truly understands how important our mission is in Making Communities Healthier.”

Each hospital winner, including Majida, will be considered for LifePoint’s 2021 company-wide Mercy Award. The companywide winner will be announced this summer and honored during a ceremony in Nashville, Tenn., in August, to which Majida and all hospital winners are invited to attend.

Sovah Health – Danville would also like to congratulate all the Mercy Award nominees as follows, Pat Terry, Bridgette Roy, Keiona Owens, Sara Lankford, Rhonda Kern, Kimberly Harper, Julie Giles, Crystal Childress, Betty Brown, Kevin Hightower, Karen Adams, Jennifer Armstrong, and Yolanda Pool. Thank you for all your hard work each and every day.