Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Health Professions is to Make Communities Healthier by educating caring, competent, entry level healthcare professionals with eligibility to take program specific licensure/certification examinations.

Program Goals & Learning Objectives

The goals of the School of Health Professions’ Radiologic Technology Program are:

Goal #1: To provide students with sound problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to function effectively in the clinical environment.

  • Students will determine the need to modify standard procedures to accommodate patient condition and other variables
  • Graduates will demonstrate effective critical thinking skills

Goal #2: To provide an education that promotes compassion, ethical behavior and professionalism in the healthcare setting.

  • Students/Graduates will demonstrate the ability to behave in a compassionate manner
  • Students/Graduates will demonstrate positive ethical and professional behavior
  • Graduates will have become members of a professional organization
  • Graduates will be seeking completion of advanced certifications/degrees

Goal #3: To provide students with the skills required to become clinically competent and prepared to meet the entry level expectations of their employers.

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to provide quality patient care
  • Students will demonstrate proper positioning skills
  • Students will apply the principles of radiation protection to patient, self and others
  • Students will correctly make changes to technical factors to compensate for pathology, body habitus and other conditions
  • Students can recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate appropriate treatments

Goal #4: To provide students with the ability to demonstrate effective communication skills.

  • Students will communicate effectively with the patient prior and during procedure
  • Graduates will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills

Goal #5: To meet the need for certified radiographers in the community.

  • Graduates are satisfied with the program
  • The program will graduate 83% of the students initially enrolled
  • Graduates will pass the ARRT exam on 1st attempt
  • Graduates will be employed within 12 months if seeking entry-level employment
  • Of the surveys returned, Employers will be satisfied with the program