Title IX

What is Title IX?

As a recipient of federal funds, Sovah School of Health Professions, must comply with the rules and regulations of Title IX of the Higher Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. § et seq. (“Title IX”). This law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs or activities, admission and employment. Sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexual assault, and domestic and dating violence are referred to as sexual misconduct which constitutes sexual discrimination prohibited by Title IX. The School’s Title IX policy also addresses requirements under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 and the Code of Virginia §23- 234 and §23-9.2:15-17.

Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is to address any reports of sexual discrimination that occurs while any student, employee, or third party is on hospital premises, any of the affiliated clinical sites, or related school activities. Sovah School of Health Professions will develop and maintain a cooperative relationship with local victim and assault programs to provide victims the help and assistance for those that request it.

Sovah School of Health Professions complies with Title IX requirements to take immediate action to eliminate the discrimination, prevent its recurrence, and address it effects.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or reporting related to Title IX can be directed to the Title IX Coordinator.

Mary Thomas
109 Bridge St, Suite 200
Danville, VA 24541
(434) 799-2271

Reporting Incidents

If you are a victim of, or a witness to, any form of sexual crime or violence, contact the security department of that hospital or the local police department immediately.  

All sex discrimination/misconduct should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator even if law enforcement is involved.  To file a report:
•    contact the Title IX Coordinator during normal business hours, or
•    complete an Incident Report Form and submit to the Title IX Coordinator, or 
•    complete an on-line Incident Report Form which will be directly emailed to the Title IX Coordinator.  

If a victim discloses an incident to any member of the School, but wishes to maintain confidentiality or requests that no investigation into a particular incident be conducted or disciplinary action taken, the school must weigh that request against the school’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students, including the victim. If the school honors the request for confidentiality, a victim must understand that the School’s ability to meaningfully investigate the incident and pursue disciplinary action against the alleged respondent may be limited. Although rare, there are times when the School may not be able to honor a victim’s request in order to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students.


Sovah School of Health Professions prohibits retaliation!

Our school is committed to provide a non-hostile educational environment free of retaliation for reporting and aiding in an investigative procedure.

Support Services

For local support services visit the Title IX Community Resources page for local law enforcement, hospitals, and domestic violence and sexual assault centers. If a victim or complainant would like to speak to a free on-site counselor visit the Title IX On-Site Confidential Resources page.  The Title IX Coordinator is also able to assist in providing the victim with the appropriate community resources available.  

Printable Title IX Incident Report Form