Volunteer Opportunities

The Auxiliary

Danville and Martinsville's Auxiliaries are community groups dedicated to promoting community wellness and education. To support its various programming and wellness initiatives, the Auxiliaries raises funds through a variety of fundraisers and sales, individual and corporate donations, community grants, as well as sales from the two gift shops, located within the main lobbies of Sovah Health - Danville and Sovah Health - Martinsville.

Volunteers are a critical need at our hospitals, and Sovah Health counts on the generous time and support from our Auxiliary members. Volunteer activities may include:

  • Greeting patients and visitors
  • Organizing and working fundraisers and sales
  • Delivering mail, newspapers and/or flowers
  • Working in the hospital gift shop

Patient Care Fund

Funds raised by both Auxiliares benefit the Patient Care Funds, which provides medication and medical supplies assistance to uninsured and underinsured patients in our community. 

If you're interested in volunteering or making a donation to benefit the Patient Care Fund, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinators: