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Next Steps has tools to help you decide about breastfeeding, caring for your newborn and much more.

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Danville Campus

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 Mother's Resource Center

Sovah Health - Danville's Mother’s Resource Center was created with you in mind. The Center offers a full range of quality products and services to assist you in providing the best care for you and your baby. You can find the center on the 4th floor just beyond the nursery.  For more information, call 434.799.4486.

In stock items include: Breast Pump Rental Station, Medela Electric & Mannal Breast Pumps, Personal Fit Breast Shields, Cleaning Products for Pumps & Pump Parts, Nipple Shields, Breast Milk Collection & Storage Bags, Disposable & Cotton Bra Pads, Tendercare Cream, Sore Nipple Shells, Inverted Nipple Shells, Nursing Stools, Maternity & Postpartum Supports, Comfort Nursing & Sleep Bras, Adiri Breastfeeding Bottle Nursers, Swaddling Blankets, Boppy Pillows, Baby Loungers, and Pregnancy Wedges.

To register for a class or get more information, contact us here:

Sovah Health - Danville
Family Birthing Center



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