Support Services

Support Services


Our cancer navigator provides guidance and support throughout the process, helping eliminate obstacles our patients may face along the way. In addition to their medical team and navigator, all patients are connected to a network of community resources and support services that can help with everything from emotional encouragement - to financial assistance - to transportation to and from appointments.


Nutritional health is important to everyone. But it is especially important for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Both cancer and the side effects of some cancer treatments can cause changes in appetite and affect how the body utilizes nutrients. Nutrition services supports cancer patients and their families by providing nutrition assessments, education about nutrition and cancer and nutritional plans.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Cancer and certain cancer treatments can cause debilitating side effects, compromising a patient’s ability to function and reducing quality of life. Physical, occupational or speech therapy can help speed functional recovery, boost immune response, reduce fatigue and reduce the risk of complications in people of any age. As part of the medical team, our highly skilled therapists work with patients and caregivers to maximize a patient’s physical abilities and comfort levels - ensuring the fullest, most effective recovery possible.

Social Services

Social workers at Sovah Health collaborate with other community agencies to meet the needs of patients, the community and the hospital. A social worker meets with each self-pay patient to review all options for the both patient and hospital. If a self-pay patient has received a cancer diagnosis, the social worker helps determine eligibility requirements for all programs, and the patient is referred to our on-site Medicaid eligibility program.

Pastoral Care

Sovah Health offers pastoral care services to patients, family or staff, regardless of ethnic and religious background. Focused on confidentiality and respectful interaction, our staff is available to provide comfort and support through a patient’s cancer journey.

Home Health

Whether a person is being treated for cancer, is recovering from it, or has advanced disease, home care might be an option. Through home care you can get compassionate health care at your home instead of in a hospital or other facility. 


Hospice provides care when a cure is no longer possible. Hospice services are offered through multiple local hospice agencies including Sovah Hospice, which has delivered compassionate, end-of-life care to hundreds of patients since opening in March 2012.  Hospice patients receive care in their homes, including private residences, independent and assisted living facilities and nursing homes.