2020 Mercy Award Winners

July 16, 2020

Sovah Health, which is part of LifePoint Health, recently announced that Heather Kalill and Heather Ashe have been recognized as the hospital’s 2020 Mercy Award winners. Kalill & Ashe are two of more than 80 other individuals across LifePoint Health, a leading healthcare company that employs more than 50,000 individuals, to receive this award.  

The annual Mercy Award program was established in 2002 to honor the life of Scott Mercy, LifePoint’s founding chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). It recognizes one employee from each of LifePoint’s healthcare facilities, and the Health Support Center based in Brentwood, Tenn., who profoundly touches the lives of others and best represents the spirit and values on which the company was founded. The Mercy Award is considered the highest honor a LifePoint employee can receive.  

Sovah Health - Danville

Heather Kalill

Heather is currently the clinical manager for our respiratory care and neurodiagnostic services and has been with Sovah Health for 16 years. She went above and beyond for her patients during the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying, researching, testing, and implementing various solutions so that our patients had the ventilators needed for their care. In collaboration with others, she also designed and launched a protective box to shield her co-workers from possible exposure to the coronavirus while they gave care.

Heather’s work in the community demonstrates the best qualities of a LifePoint leader as well and rounds out the compassionate person she truly is. Heather cheerfully serves on the Parent Teacher Organization of the school attended by her children and chaperones many of their school events. In addition, she helped organize a school fundraiser that netted nearly $25,000 for needed learning activities.

Heather leaps at the chance to engage our workforce by making employee events moments to remember, including those that raised funds for our Patient Care fund. She is often seen gleefully celebrating birthdays for her fellow co-workers where she is always mindful to include our multiple shifts in these events.

Sovah Health - Danville would also like to congratulate all the Mercy Award nominees as follows, Kathy Davis, Steve Ramsey, Greg Meadows, Yolanda Pool, Majida Zaher, Harold Stanfield, Karen Draper, Kim Doss, Tom Hairston, and Brendan Markham. Thank you for all your hard work each and every day.  

Sovah Health - Martinsville

Heather Ashe

Heather serves as the Director of Pharmacy and has been part of the Sovah Health team for 12 years. She was frequently seen going above and beyond for her employees during the COVID-19 pandemic by being creative and working with the team to adjust staffing so team members would be less financially impacted, ensuring all team members could attend a colleagues granddaughter’s memorial service, and also stepped in as a Pharmacist during these times so the Pharmacy could still provide optimal service.

Heather goes above and beyond to think of others even while going through hardships herself. During the grief of losing her mother, Heather reached out to a team member to check on her father who was undergoing heart surgery. She was also observed helping a confused and disoriented gentleman who was trying to get into our oncology area after hours by calling his family to be sure he got home safely. Heather frequently follows up with patients and their families after they are discharged from our hospital to check that they are doing well and received great care.

Heather leads the pharmacy’s antibiotic stewardship projects, resulting in better care for our patients and exercising financial stewardship in her efficient use of medications. Her knowledge and skills are sought after by physicians and colleagues. Her willingness to share adds great value to those with whom she works. She voluntarily takes on a leadership role in the community through both her church activities for middle-school age kids and the United Way as Board Chair for Smart Beginnings, who are readying the community’s youth for school and life. 

Sovah Health - Martinsville would also like to congratulate all the Mercy Award nominees as follows, Kenny Seale-Wilson, Dixie Marshall, Tonya Hodges, and Sandra Hairston. Thank you for all your hard work each and every day.

"We are extremely proud to recognize Heather Kalill and Heather Ashe for their efforts on behalf of our patients and community. Both of these women go above and beyond to demonstrate a level of care and compassion that we want every person who enters our facilities to experience," said Alan Larson, CEO of Sovah Health - Danville and Dale Alward, CEO of Sovah Health - Martinsville.

Each hospital winner, including Kalill and Ashe, will be considered for LifePoint’s 2020 company-wide Mercy Award. The company-wide winner will be announced this fall and honored during a special ceremony in Nashville, Tenn., in October, to which Kalill and Ashe and all hospital winners are invited to attend.