The Importance of Nursing

August 5, 2021

by Brian Bradley, CNO, Sovah Health - Danville & Barbara Seymour, CNO, Sovah Health - Martinsville

At a time when our nation faces a critical shortage of nurses, our communities are deeply appreciative of the thousands of young nurses answering this call to service.  At Sovah Health, we recognize that while born from a call to service, it takes a heart filled with compassion to be a nurse.  From this compassion, nurses sharpen their minds with academic preparation and clinical experience to live our mission.

While we have served in many roles throughout our many years in healthcare, we know firsthand that nurses are the backbone of the American healthcare system.

Nurses are among the most compassionate, patient, resilient, and caring individuals we have ever had the privilege of working alongside.  They are extraordinary people who share their passion of caregiving to the community.

The last 16 months have tested each and every one of us in a variety of ways, but our nurses were front and center – comforting patients when families and visitors were restricted, protecting each other and their families, risking their own health to fight an unknown and rapidly evolving enemy, and taking on more stress than they ever signed up for.

As we started to overcome the pandemic, it was our nurses again who mobilized to coordinate vaccination clinics, ease vaccine fears, and serve as trusted sources of credible health information in our communities.

Even during the most difficult days, our nurses are always by our side – caring for someone in need, saving a life, inspiring a patient to keep fighting, or helping a family say goodbye to someone they love. It takes a special person to pursue nursing as a career, and to make it their life’s work.

Our communities desperately need more nurses, but we believe the next great generation of heroes is waiting in the wings, ready to make their mark in service to others.  Our focus at Sovah Health is our community.  We are mission driven to support our community by providing safe, quality and compassionate care.

Join us at our on-site job fair on August 12th at Sovah Health – Danville in the Hoover Auditorium (parking on West Main Street will be available) and August 19th at Sovah Health – Martinsville in the First Floor Classroom. Both events are from 11am – 2pm floating – come anytime during those hours. For more information visit