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April 5, 2019

We wanted to address the recent article regarding James C. Sherlock’s letter discussing CMS Star Ratings for hospitals in our state. Our team at Sovah Health is committed to delivering high quality, safe and compassionate care, and we are continuously working to ensure that all patients, visitors and employees have positive experiences at our hospitals in Danville and Martinsville.

Health care is first and foremost about people, and sadly, Sherlock’s letter does not tell the whole story about the importance hospitals like Sovah Health’s play in communities like ours.

It does not tell the story of Danville firefighter Kenneth Stanfield, who celebrated his retirement last week after 31 years of service to his community, and the ER nurse Tony Edmonds and cardiologist Brian Zagol whom Kenneth credits with saving his life from a heart attack.

It does not tell the story of Martinsville resident Tommy Harris, who is alive today after fighting cancer – not once or twice, but three times – with the help and support of oncology nurses like Wendy Nuzum and physicians like radiation oncologist Nigel Goodchild.

Are we disappointed with the 1-star rating we received from CMS? Yes. We do not feel this score adequately represents the safe, high quality care we regularly provide to our communities and does not reflect our recent quality initiatives and performance improvements.

Do we need to move our quality and patient experience ratings forward? Yes. And we are already hard at work. Since the last CMS data release in 2017, we have implemented numerous initiatives aimed directly at enhancing patient safety and improving the overall patient experience. This includes measures like implementing bed side shift report and the formation of our patient family advisory council to improve patient communication and engagement and introducing daily leader safety briefs and team safety huddles to help us more quickly identify and proactively address quality concerns.

Are we ready for positive change? Absolutely. And we need your help. Each of our patients, employees and physicians has a story to tell, and we want to hear yours.

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Sovah Health is committed to serving the health care needs of our communities. We are proud of our team’s hard work and dedication and pleased with the progress we have made, but we acknowledge there is still work to be done. In the coming months, we look forward to sharing updates on our journey and creating additional opportunities for feedback and dialogue. Together, we can work to enhance the care we are providing today and for generations to come.

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