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Resident Wellness

Sovah Health - Danville

Sovah Medical Residency Programs promote the importance of healthy lifestyle choices among its residents and foster the development of resilience to reduce burnout.   The Programs have developed a Wellness policy, a Wellness handbook, and a Wellness committee.  These components work together in promoting physician wellness using designated programming activities. 

I.    Policy Statement 

The physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of a resident is essential to developing as a balanced and competent independent physician.  At Sovah Medical Residency Programs, residents are encouraged to lead health conscious lives and make healthy choices to support personal and professional growth in all areas of their lives. 

II.    Wellness Handbook

A resource manual is provided to each resident and outlines ongoing wellness research, the wellness curriculum description, and its rationale. 

III.    Wellness Committee

This committee is made of two designated wellness residents, one from the Family Medicine and one from the Internal Medicine program, the two Program Directors and the Behavioralist. This committee promotes the wellness goals and oversees the curriculum and planned activities.

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