COVID-19 Vaccination at Sovah Health

January 8, 2021

At Sovah Health, we are following state and federal guidelines for vaccine distribution. We were given doses to distribute to people at highest risk of exposure to COVID-19: frontline healthcare providers and first responders.

Since our initial receipt of vaccines on December 15th, Sovah Health has received both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines totaling almost 5,000 vaccines for both of our communities.  This is only about 50% of the total population in this category.  By this weekend, we will have administered more than 1,500 vaccines across both communities.  The vaccinations have gone smoothly with only the side effects outlined by the manufactures.  This week, the second dose of the vaccine was also given with the same favorable responses.

Each state and region have different guidelines for distribution. Sovah Health and our local Virginia Departments of Health (VDH) are working collaboratively to vaccinate healthcare personnel outlined by the VDH in the current phase, described as Phase 1a. The next Phase is 1b which includes essential frontline workers, persons aged 75 and older, people living in correctional facilities, homeless shelter and migrant labor camps.  For more information about the VDH vaccination phases, please go to their website at

We anticipate that the VDH will shortly announce guidance on progressing to Phase 1b.  We will proceed according to the VDH guidance and as additional vaccines become available.  We anticipate receiving additional shipments of the vaccine as we move forward to the next phase. Planning of vaccine clinics for our community is underway and we will be ready once further guidance is received from the state.

While we work to help vaccinate, we ask that you continue to keep up the fight. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Social distance. Stay at home. The COVID-19 vaccine may be a lifesaver in the months to come, but you can be one right now by following the guidelines. 

We have had several volunteers assist in the vaccination process so far, both for registration functions and well as vaccine administration.  Sovah Health would like to thank these volunteers.  If you are interested in helping with a vaccination clinic, please contact us at either 276.666.7600 or 434.799.3700.

If you have questions regarding the vaccine, please contact your primary care provider’s office. We also have a frequently asked question page on our website about the COVID-19 vaccine. The page is located under our COVID-19 preparedness page and can be found here